My 1000 Gifts

Prompted by a study of Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts, I have taken the dare to live fully, right where I am.  I have begun journaling my gifts daily, one by one, and have been so touched by the gifts in my life that I was simply too busy to notice before.  I wanted to share these gifts as they come to mind as a means of documenting them and encouraging others.  Will you join me in slowing down to notice the gifts that you have been blessed with in your own life?

#20 Toddlers taking a long nap

#19 Freshly vacuumed floors

#18 Laundry, fresh and warm from the dryer

#17 Microwave lasagna on a busy church night

#16 Arriving at the grocery store to find milk on a great sale, and juice buy two, get three free!

#15 A beautiful 63 degree day in January

#14 Wiggly, giggly Bella when I’m trying to dress her

#13 The way Isaac jumps up to hug Greyson with both his arms and his legs

#12 Early morning snuggles with my early bird Isaac

#11 A heated mattress on a cold night

#10 Kids being excited to see me when I’ve only been gone for two hours

#9 Snuggling with Hubby on the couch while watching our favorite TV show

#8 Comfy pajamas after a long day

#7 A group of ladies to share one thousand gifts with

#6 The ability to homeschool

#5 Being a work-at-home Mom

#4 Being a stay-at-home Mom

#3 Happy, healthy children

#2 A Sweet Husband who loves the Lord and works hard to provide for us

#1 A Heavenly Father who loves me even when I am unloveable




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