Hi & thanks for stopping by today!  I’m Christy and I am the chief cook and bottle washer here at Sweetbeanz Boutique!  All designs are handcrafted by me in my home studio.

I love all things crafty and have been known to run errands with hot glue strings trailing behind me.   (If you are a crafter, you understand!)

Most of the time I can be found homeschooling my four kiddos, trying to have a conversation with my husband in the midst of the busy chaos we joyfully call home, or bent over my work table creating something new for the shop.


I have always been creative and my day is not complete if I haven’t gotten to make something…anything! (Dinner doesn’t count!)

I specialize in unique, boutique hair bows for all ages, jewelry, tutus, and more!  My three daughters (ages 12, 8, & 2) are my inspiration for everything girly and my 3 year old little buddy keeps me humble.

I have been happily married to the love of my life for 14 years and Sweet Hubby keeps me grounded.  He is a realist and often reels me back in when I get too carried away with an idea or too focused on work to notice the special moments happening all around me daily.

I tend to be a perfectionist (good for you, my items are handcrafted with great attention to detail) and admittedly a little obsessive-compulsive at times, but aren’t we all when we really care about something?


I’m just a southern girl who loves fried okra, sweet tea, and homemade cinnamon walnut ice cream.

I love the Lord Jesus and am so thankful for His forgiveness.  I am so imperfect and fail Him every day, but He loves me anyway.  Now that’s love, and grace.

I have a BA in Communications and spent 10 years in the corporate banking world, all the while dreaming about being home with my children and having a creative business.  I am so thankful my dream has come true.  Hang in there because dreams do come true, I know it firsthand!


Thanks for reading a little about me and what I do.  Please make yourself at home.  Have a look around the shop or catch up on the latest news on the blog.  Feel free to leave a note and introduce yourself.  I’m pleased to meet you!

Hey, by the way, if you are a DIY crafter, I also have a supply shop!  Check it out if you love finding quality supplies to make your own beautiful designs!  Be blessed!


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