Scattered, Some New Things and a Sale!

Spinning-PlatesSo, I’ve been a little scattered lately between filling orders for two Etsy shops, teaching homeschool, wrangling toddlers, making sure Hubby gets plenty of quality time, and just life in general.  You know, I get tired just thinking about everything I have to do some days.

~Coffee is my friend.~

But you know what else?  I love every minute of it!  I am so blessed to be a work-at-home Mom!  It’s the best of both worlds…present with my children, and still able to interact with adults and have a creative outlet.  It is a balance, yes, but it gives me time to be “me” on days when it seems like I am here solely to wipe noses and feed tummies.  Caring for littles can be exhausting.  But rather than the business adding more work, it actually energizes me and ignites my passion, so I am a better mother and happier nose-wiper.  Outlets are good, you know, for providing energy!  😉   And being creative is an outlet that certainly provides energy for this Momma!

So, here are some things I have made lately and added to the Sweetbeanz shop.  If you see something you like, you can save 20% off your total purchase this weekend with coupon code LUCKY20 in honor of St Patrick!  Have a look around and let me know which is your favorite in the comments below!DSC_0091DSC_0091b Greyson Collage with Red Headband & Necklace auto correctedDSC_0123b 0128 auto corrected

These make great Easter basket fillers!DSC_124 145 collageDSC_0200DSC_0207DSC_0214DSC_0016DSC_0045DSC_0090DSC_0099DSC_0115DSC_0123DSC_0134

Feel free to stop by the shop and use coupon code LUCKY20 to save a little on your purchase.  I would love to make something special just for you or a sweet one in your life!St Patrick's Day Sale




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