Valentine’s Day Fun


Some of my fondest memories of my childhood are of Valentine’s Day parties where we gave and received cheesy paper cards delivered to the paper plate “mailboxes” taped to our desks.  I guess I have always been a romantic and that day was always so much for fun for me.  As a homeschooling mama, I always feel a little guilty that my kids are missing out on trading paper valentines with their classmates.  This year, I decided we would put the schoolwork on hold to have a little Valentine’s Day fun of our own.

We started the day with a trip to Krispy Kreme for heart shaped doughnuts!  So sweet!


Sprinkles on noses and chocolate on mouths and I think they enjoyed the doughnuts!


DSC_0779Then we played BINGO with conversation hearts.  I printed these sweet little BINGO cards here and then called out expressions from a bag of conversation hearts.

DSC_0781The kids used their own little boxes of hearts to mark the sayings they had on their cards.

DSC_0782Well, the older ones did.  The little ones just had fun filling up their cards whether they had matches or not.  Baby Girl was so excited to fill up her card and yell, “I did it, Mama!”


Our oldest planned a treasure hunt and sent her siblings all over the house in search of treasure.  Somehow I missed getting pictures of their hunt, but they had so much fun!

For lunch, we had party goodies, which the kids loved as a change from the everyday lunch.



We played all afternoon and then the little ones were ready for a nap!  The girls and I spent the afternoon making Sweet Hubby a Banana Pudding (one of his favorites) from scratch.

DSC_0799We planned to make felt purses as a fun craft for the girls also, but we just ran out of time!  (I’ll share those in a later post.)  Our oldest, along with some fellow members of her youth group, volunteered to serve an early Valentine’s dinner to the senior citizens club at church.  We had to cut our day of fun a little short, but I know she was a blessing to our sweet seniors in showing them the love of Jesus.  And He is the ultimate Valentine, anyway.  🙂

Hopefully we made memories that the kids will always remember, kind of like my sweet memories of those cheesy valentines in paper plate mailboxes taped to my school desk.


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