Yarn Wreath with Felt Flowers Tutorial

How to Yarn Wreath GraphicOur door has been naked since we took our Christmas wreath down and I decided this afternoon that it was time to get a new wreath up there.  So I made a yarn wreath and decorated her with sweet little felt flowers.  This was a very easy project!  I would love for you to make one too and then come back here and link to it so I can see!  🙂

I took my color inspiration from the interior of our home.  We have decorated with a combination of warm earth tones mixed with this cool light turquoise that is my new favorite color, so I wanted the wreath to carry that color scheme through to our entrance.

Home Interior

Are you inspired yet?  Okay, let’s get started!  First, the supplies.  You will need:  A wreath form (mine is 18 inches, but use whatever size you like), felt, yarn, glue gun & glue sticks, scissors, & ribbon for hanging, if desired.  I also added a berry spray, a sweet little bird, and some burlap ribbon to mine, but this is optional.  Just use whatever embellishments you like.

DSC_0613The first step is to wrap the wreath form in yarn.  I hot glued the end of the yarn to the back of the wreath, but you could also tie the end of the yarn around the form.  And then just start wrapping!  Around, and around, and around…  This takes a while, so you may want to settle in front of the TV while you’re wrapping.  😉

DSC_0618You will want to wrap the form a few times to get good coverage.   I wound up using the entire skein of yarn to get the coverage I wanted!

DSC_0619If you want to wrap a contrasting color of yarn around your wreath to make X’s or add texture, now would be the time to do it.

Now to make the flowers.  You can cut your felt any size you like.  The larger the felt piece, the larger the flower.  Some crafters, just cut felt circles in the first step, but it can be hard to freehand a circle.  I prefer to cut squares first, and then trim the corners to make circles.  For my wreath, I used felt squares in sizes ranging from 3×3 to 6×6 inches.  My wreath is 18 inches, so if you are using a smaller form, your flowers will look larger, or you can adjust the sizes to whatever you like.

DSC_0621 with measurementsHere’s what your felt should look like with the corners trimmed.

DSC_0622The next step is to cut the felt circle into a spiral.  Start on one edge and cut in a circular path until you reach the center of the circle.  You will have a little oval shape left at the center.  Leave this because it will become the base of your flower.



DSC_0634Now pick up the tip on the outside of the spiral and add a little hot glue,

DSC_0636and start rolling.

DSC_0651Keep rolling and glue every few turns to secure your rosette.


DSC_0664Once you reach the center, add more glue to the bottom of the flower to make sure it holds together, and then lay the little center over the glue to make a base.



DSC_0682Tada!  A sweet little rosette!

DSC_0686Make as many flowers as you like!  Then just add your embellishments.  For mine, I glued the berry spray down first, and then made a sweet little burlap bow to cover the stem.  I then filled in the spaces between the berries with flowers.  You may want to make flowers as you go to get them the size and color you want as you create your design.  I thought I had enough flowers and wound up making more as I assembled the wreath to get the look I wanted.  It’s your design, have fun with it!

CloseUp with WMAnd here it is, looking so sweet on my door!

Vertical Wreath with WM


What embellishments or color combination would you like to use on your wreath?  Leave a comment and let me know!  Thanks for stopping by!


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